Our new facility is spacious and well-equipped, our professional staff perfect their skills.
We work with digital technology, which allows outstanding results that will satisfy the most demanding customers.
We focus on creative solutions, that is why we use the most modern equipment, we rely on the most advanced technologies and software.

We have machines with high processing power.

Many years of experience allow us to implement the most advanced projects satisfying even the most demanding investors. The newest machine park enables us to perform any  figures, reliefs, openwork, images ...

grawer laserowy IN THE WORKS WE USE:

° Laser engraving in stone, wood, glass, plexiglas and metal allowing us to create amazing small and large images of quality similar to the image. Our equipment includes a large format table allowing engraving in materials with sizes up to 1200 x 2400 mm in one piece and combined elements of unlimited size.

Water Jet

° Waterjet cutting virtually any material using a CNC machine, which guarantees precision in even the most sophisticated design. Waterjet technology allows the cutting of materials with the thickness of 200 mm, while avoiding excessive heating of the material and keeping the highest quality of the cut edges! The CNC table we own can cut in plates of these materials with dimensions 1500 x 3000 mm. It is „cold” cutting, which is important for hardened materials and metals with low melting temperature (aluminum). The use of CAD/CAM technology in conjunction with the CNC allows creating any shape of two-dimensional geometry. Water jet can cut holes with a diameter from 1 mm. We also cut up to 45 degree angles.

plaskorzezba ° Reliefs
We perform carvings in stone, among others as parts of gravestone and monument finishing, decorative elements, interior, exterior architecture, religious architecture. This is possible thanks to the highly advanced CNC technology, enabling the laser to create the shape indicated by the customer.
toczenie ° Turning in stone
 We have machines that allow making all kinds of turned parts in stone.

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